Too Much to Blog About!

Argh! I can’t believe how much time has passed, and how busy we’ve been, since I last found time to sit down and blog!  This is going to be the Cliff’s Notes version of July.

  • Alex finished his business trip to Vancouver, and spent a few days hanging out in Seattle and Portland. He thought that both cities were dirtier than he remembered from his last trip, but perhaps his standards have been altered after living in the UK.
  • I went to a talk at the Design Musum here in London to hear Wim Crouwel, a really famous Dutch designer, speak about his life and work.  My favorite quote from the evening, which I wrote down, was when Crouwel said “I am a formalist and a modernist who battles with the aesthetic.”
  • I spent a Saturday at the V&A for a “study day” to learn about the impacts of Japanese art and culture on late 19th-century Britain. It was a really intense day, and rather more academic than I had been hoping for. In the future, I’ll look for activities at the V&A that have a studio component, rather than just straight lectures.
  • Our friends Sarah & Drew came from Washington DC for a lightning quick stop in London, on the way to a 2-week tour through Italy. We took them down to Winchester for the day on Saturday (because Drew is from Winchester, VA) and then spent Sunday wandered around the V&A and the Natural History Museum. And we had some amazing crepes in South Kensington.
  • Alex had his interview with the London Olympics 2012 volunteer selection committee. He’s probably going to be on the transportation team (surprise surprise!)
  • I took a class in British Sign Language at the local library near my work. Now I can say “good morning”, “good afternoon”, and the ever-so-important “would you like a cup of tea?”.  It’s pretty frustrating that BSL is completely different from ASL – they are considered totally separate languages.
  • We spent last Saturday on a day trip up to Oxford, where we saw the exteriors of a bunch of fancy colleges, and got soaking wet in the rain. It was a little frustrating, because most of the colleges are closed to tourists, or they allow you in with a charge – which really seems to highlight the exclusivity and class-snobbery of the whole place.
  • I got my hair cut, which was desperately needed. I no longer look like a wooly mammoth.
  • I’ve been crazy busy at work, migrating the company over to a new editing software. It’s been a big challenge, but I’ve been learning a lot about management and stuff. Which will hopefully be important for me, sometime in the future.
  • We saw The Big Lebowski at the BFI (British Film Institute) last night, as a special treat for Alex. It was nice seeing on the big screen, and since we weren’t drinking White Russians the whole time, I actually managed to stay awake for the entire movie (a never-before-accomplished feat).
  • Today we’re in a mad dash of cleaning, because my mom arrives on Tuesday! Yay!  We have a fully packed schedule of events while she’s here, including a long weekend in Cornwall and a royal day out at Buckingham Palace.

I promise  I will try to be  better about blogging … hope you all are having a good weekend, and not melting if you happen to be in the States


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  1. Wow! I love this!!!! It is so fun for me to hear about your lives;the details are precious. It is unbelievable what you both are accomplishing! Cutting edge in your fields and enjoying the wonderful opportunities in the world. I admire your zeal for learning and seeking advenutre. Take care of each other and celebrate your success. Love, Valerie, aka, ywm, aka, ywmil

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