I’d like to stick a fork in my face

I have a sinus infection, and it’s painful.  I’m thinking the fork will  distract me because it will be MORE painful, and I might then be able to get the antibiotics to cure the problem. We’ve had really good experience with the NHS so far, but in general they are very hesitant to prescribe antibiotics. Which is a philosophy I agree with, in principle, especially since Alex had MRSA a few years ago.  BUT… when I’m in pain because my head feels like it’s going to explode, then I want my damn drugs!

I actually got into a conversation the other day about whether snorting alcohol would kill the germs. My dad always used to say that when you had a sore throat, a few shots of strong liquor would kill the bugs (or maybe that was an elaborate excuse… not sure).  Do you think the same idea applies to the sinus cavities?  If I could inject some really great vodka up my nose, would it help? People snort all kinds of other things … and live (sometimes) to tell the tale.  I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of this.  I tried googling it, but alas, the powers of the internet failed me.  (DISCLAIMER: to any children reading this, don’t snort things – it’s  a bad idea.)

This is why I am not a responsible adult.

So any suggestions for getting rid of the sinus pain?  Or at least distracting me until my little antibodies get their butts moving?

PS – I did a quick google image search on sinus infections to try and find something fun to illustrate this post, but then I thought better of it because they are all disgusting. You are welcome.


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  1. This may not work for a major infection, as opposed to the effects of a simple cold, but you may get some relief by simply trying to flush out your nose and sinuses with warm (body heat) salt water. I’m surprised your GP didn’t suggest it, since it used to be standard advice.

    Just a couple of teaspoons of salt in a glass of water: try to sniff some up each nostril in turn (or find something to squirt it in) and tip your head back to let it drain through. It’s a bit messy, but it can help soothe inflammation, and the salt helps fight off the bugs.

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