Happy July 4!

I thought about trying to find some sparklers to celebrate American independance, but then I realized that it only gets dark these days at about 10 or 10:30, and I turn into a pumpkin at about 9!

There are 3 Americans working in my office, so today we did  a boozy lunch (although in a typical American-puritanical spirit we ended up NOT having any alcohol – very odd) and went to the Texas Embassy.  No, it’s not an actual Embassy, just a very clever name for a restaurant. It’s even right by Trafalgar Square, where many of the real embassies are … but it’s still just a restaurant.  They have real Tex-Mex food though, which I was pretty excited about.  (You can’t get a decent burrito in this country to save your life!)

I ordered a Dr Pepper, which is also pretty rare to find on a menu, and was only slightly disappointed when it came served with a slice of lime.  It’s like they got it 95% correct, but still managed to screw up the details !  The same thing happened with my chimichanga, which was quite good! The guacamole was NOT made with mayonaise (a frequent sin over here), and the refried beans came with the typical glazed grease that makes them so yummy. But the rice came with peas!  Now I ask you, who in Texas OR Mexico would ever serve their rice with PEAS??  It was pretty funny.  So we laughed, but we also enjoyed and ate far too much — which, I’m pretty sure, is what a lot of Americans are doing today back in the States.  Mission accomplished!

Dr Pepper with a slice of lime, and you can see an ice tea in the background (it's a rare species over here!)

So here is a shout out to all the friends and fam back home … Happy Fourth of July! Enjoy the hotdogs and beer, and watch out for wild sparks tonight!



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  1. Suzanne M-G

    I was wondering if you could find any Mexican food that was edible over there! We found some on the Miracle Mile in Edinburgh, believe it or not! hmm. . . rice and peas. Strange.
    Our best to you guys!
    Suzanne and John

  2. I am very glad to heat that a strange ice-tea is not popular in UK 🙂

    Ice-tea is really popular only in the States 🙂

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