Cookie Results

When I awoke this morning, I expected to find that my baking attempts had miraculously plumped and hardered and properly shaped themselves into perfectly round cookies. Alas, no such luck. If possible, they were even flatter than when they came out of the oven last night. They were slightly more firm, but definitely still smooshy and crumbly … you couldn’t hold one between two fingers without it sagging.

Surprisingly the frosted filling looks less yellow today, but it was still a runny and goopy mess. I think I didn’t use enough of the goose fat. When I slopped the frosted filling on a cookie and smooshed another one on top, it didn’t really give me the effect I was going for:

Cookie Monster would still eat these though, right? They're not THAT bad!

That looks NOTHING like an Oreo.  So yeah, this edition of Baking at Home with Astrid has been a complete failure. Well, maybe not complete … despite appearances, they taste pretty good. Even the goose fat frosting!


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  1. Oh nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, Astrid. They are easy if you have the right ingredients and tools like baking soda, baking powder (likely why they didn’t rise), parchment paper, and um…not goose fat. Also, the mixer you have is to like, puree soup or something, not for baking. You need the kind with the two whisks that go round. So glad you tried it though! You are awesome!

  2. I’ve had my fair share of baking disasters, too! Want us to bring you some baking soda? Not sure if TSA considers Crisco a liquid or not….

  3. Yummy!! Your own creation!

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