(Face Down) In the MUC(k)

Don’t worry, I’m face up.  I just couldn’t resist the Big Lebowski reference.

I’m coming to you from MUC – the Franz Josef Strauss Munich Airport after less than 48 hours in Munich.  After an incredibly hectic 24 hours, including just 3 hours of sleep Thursday night, I gave a presentation at a meeting Friday and am now on my way to Vancouver by way of London (Heathrow Terminal 5 only – not home!).

This is actually from the previous trip, but since I haven't blogged since and - to a large extent - "Air World" is "Air World"...my colleague snapped this picture while I was calling for the free hotel shuttle from the airport in Rochester, NY

The last trip to Rochester, NY was amazingly hard work but also incredibly successful, so worthwhile (I figure).  The photo above was after a 7-hour flight to JFK, a couple of hours connection time, then a 90-min flight on JetBlue to Rochester.  Maybe more on that trip later.

I don’t have much time now, but I just wanted to follow-up Astrid’s posts to say I am here and working hard – this especially crazy time will be over at the end of next week, and I have a couple of days to visit Seattle and Portland before coming home.  The odd part of it is that, despite being mostly working days, I was last in the office on June 15 and won’t be back in until July 4!

While I didn’t have hardly any time to see anything of Munich – it looked promising and worth a return visit for sure – I did manage to catch this picture at the Hauptbahnhof last night – we will have to go back and take it 🙂

Named as the Arriva-Landerbahn Express, I think the corporate status has changed but the name sticks!

I hope to be in touch blog-wise from the Pacific Northwest a bit in the week or two to come.  Now it’s off to London and then the nearly 10-hour flight to Vancouver.


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