Taipei Bound

Sorry you haven’t heard much (ok, anything honestly) from me for a while – I’ve been working like mad on several big projects and am now about to leave London for 10 days in Southeast Asia.  I’m flying London-Helsinki-Hong Kong-Taipei for a total of about 19 hours (+ the 7-hour time difference).

I'll be flying on a Finnair A340 for the longest flight (Helsinki-Hong Kong)

I’ll be spending next week in Taipei, where we’re holding a big annual meeting, hosted by the metro in Taipei (which is one of the best in the world and growing rapidly).  As part of the meeting, I’ll be making four separate hour+ presentations, for which I still have a lot of prep to do on the planes and at the hotel!

A section of the metro that is elevated in lush Taipei

After the meeting, I’ll have a day to rest next weekend and see a little more of Taiwan, then I’m off to Hong Kong for three busy days seeing the city and the metro there, before making the long trip back (Hong Kong-Bangkok-Helsinki-London).  Anyway, Astrid will be enjoying the Royal Wedding here with our friend Sarah and the accompanying Bank Holidays.  Two four-day weekends in a row plus amazingly good (if hot and un-British) weather here, and the Brits are going wild!

I hope to post some photos and/or comments along the way – hope everyone is well and hope to be back in touch more soon!


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