Ex-pat? More like tax-pat.

Tax by definition

Image by alancleaver_2000 via Flickr

So it’s Monday morning, and normally we’d have some great pictures about our weekend adventures (usually involving a cathedral, castle, or train)… except this week, we don’t have any of that.

Why, you ask? Because we had to do our taxes.

Despite popular belief, ex-patriots still have to pay US taxes (or at least we have to file returns), and the process is not exactly pain-free. Because we both worked for 2-3 weeks in January 2010 in New York City, we have a few weeks of taxes to pay. Luckily, we’re getting almost all of that back (Yay! Refund!).  We also have to file for all of our income here in the UK, but since we’re already paying taxes to the British government we don’t have to pay anything to the US.

A number of our American friends over here have admitted that they’ve never filed and/or paid US taxes, and are now too afraid to do so! And honestly,  if you’re never going back to the States, there’s not much they can do to you about it. But since we haven’t made any decisions about our future (long-term, anyway), we figured it would be best to toe-the-line for now and file. In case any other ex-pats are reading this, the special form you need is Form 2555, and you won’t find it by searching the H&R Block website!

In other news, we bought a netbook on Saturday. It’s teeny tiny laptop, and it will be perfect to take with us on our travels. Alex also bought a new camera, since his has decided to get all twitchy lately. We ordered the camera from Amazon.co.uk, so hopefully it will arrive before he leaves for Taiwan on Saturday!


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