Winchester: St Cross Hospital (inside the church)

If you want a really detailed architectural analysis of this beautiful building, go here and read this. Otherwise, you can look at my pretty pictures and we’ll make some layman’s comments about them. I loved loved loved this church, and I know gushed about it in my last blog about the exterior of the building, but the interior was really special. The fact that no changes have been made since the 15th century means that it’s really an authentic structure, and the lack of ornamentation adds to the feeling of age.


This is the main entrance to the church. Look at how the stone has been worn away -- apparently they only the right side!


Gorgeous arches within arches above arches.

There is an upper walkway, just wide enough for one person to do maintenance on the upper windows and arches.

I really love the interlacing arches on the lower level, capped by the stained glass onthe upper. You have the romanesque arches on the bottom, but overlapped they create a longer, skinnier arch, which is then echoed in the window on top.

Here you can really see the stacking arches.

Looking straight up at the ceiling in the tower.

Although bare of decoration, I liked the spartan look. Obviously the structure needs some attention, but it's got good bones.

I love this. It's like the original directed-donation box.

Love the colourful stained glass.



The Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) visited the Hospital en route to Osborne House in the Isle of Wight. Later a large anonymous donation was received for the completion of repairs to the church’s east end. There were a condition for the donation: that the letters ZO be used in the design of the tiling. ZO, it is thought, stands for the German ‘zu Osborne.'




These zig-zag decorations are one of the hallmarks of Norman architecture.





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  1. Wow.

    This was showing a set of photos from which I like. Nice short info in every photo. One photo is never enough.

    Thank You.

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