St Cross’s Really Old Scratchiti

In one of the choir stalls in the church at St Cross Hospital (just outside of Winchester), we found some really really old scratchiti (i.e. graffiti that’s been scratched). Some of it is dated, some is not. But I was really impressed by the skills — this is no casual “George was here” scratched into the wood. These took time and effort … and probably more time. Obviously these men were educated, with good penmanship and a sense of design. Most of the scratchings were names or initials — either of their own (assumably) or the chapter master. But one really stood out. It’s a picture of a carriage being held up by a bandit! How cool is that?  The informational book at the site said the scratchings date from the 1530s.


Do you see the carriage being held up by the bandit?




Graffiti from back in the day.

John Atkins was here ... and had excellent penmanship!

Some of the graffiti even uses fancy tyopgraphy -- before types even existed!

This is my favorite. Look at that detail.



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  1. They went in for very long sermons in those days….

    • Yeah, but the altar was only about 10-12 feet from these guys! Don’t you think someone would have noticed and chewed them out? I guess not!

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