The River Itchen

The River Itchen wends its way for 28 miles from near the village of Cheriton and down through the Itchen Valley to Winchester. There it flows through town (causing lots of problems for the foundations of the Cathedral), and then out through the meadows and past St Cross Hospital. From thence, the river makes its way south towards Southampton, where it empties into the River Test in the Southhampton Estuary.

As the country’s foremost chalk stream, the Itchen is famous for fly-fishing. We didn’t see anyone on the river last Saturday, but there were several signs nothing where the public could (and couldn’t) fish. It’s a charming little river — not too deep and not too fast. The water is clear and made a charming bubbling noise as it babbled its way along.

I’m not going to deny that the name, the River Itchen, wasn’t provocative. There were many bad jokes about “scratchin’ on the Itchen'” and such … none of which deserve to be repeated here. I’ll leave that to your imaginations!



This little bridge crosses the Itchen in the center part of Winchester.




Across the river the homes have private gates onto the stream.



This section of stone is the only remaining section of the Roman wall still visible.




We had to stop for a Whippy when we saw the truck! (A Whippy is like a soft-serve ice cream, except it's even softer. It's almost like whipped cream, but cold.)




Through the section called "The Weirs"




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  1. There is a vaudeville song ‘Winchester Cathedral’- made popular by the band, as well as Petula Clark – from w-a-y back when I was young. I love your pics and all the comments.

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