Funny statues in Winchester Cathedral

And for our final post on Winchester Cathedral, I’ll leave you with a few funny statues. I mean no disrespect, of course … these are someone’s loved ones. But if I’m ever important enough to get some real estate in a fancy Cathedral (highly unlikely considering my atheistic leanings), I’d appreciate it of  someone made sure my memorial doesn’t look ridiculous.

This is by far my favorite. Look at those lamb chops! And what’s with the name? Who is called Francis Francis? I hope he went by Frankie. The best part is that he’s listed foremost as an “angler” — not a beloved father, husband, or statesmen/poet … no, it’s his fishing for which he will be remembered. Now I really want to go down to the library and look up some of his work.  They should have put a picture of his biggest catch up there with him!

Oh dear me, another headache. I wonder when they'll get around to inventing aspirin?

A bit of a seductive post, don't you think? If only that damn toga would slip up a bit, I'm sure we could see some shapely ankles.

At attention, for all eternity. With some awesome heels.

This is the only guy I've ever seen who has a comfortable looking pillow. Usually the heads are supported by nothing, or sometimes there is a faithful dog, but this guy looks like he has 3 pillows! Nice!


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