The Hurly Burly Show

On Saturday night Alex and I decided to expand our “cultural activities” to include an evening of burlesque.  We saw the Hurly Burly Show, starring Miss Polly Rae, at the Garrick Theatre here in London. It was quite an experience!

I should preface this by saying that several years ago we saw a burlesque show at The Cutting Room in New York City — and it was awful! The dancers were old and out of shape, and it was more horror-show than anything else.   Comparatively, the Hurly Burly girls were amazing.  Young, slender, beautiful … these girls had it all.  And they knew how to move it!

I tend to think that burlesque should be risque, sexy, and mysterious.  And while the hurly burly girls were definitely risque and sexy, they weren’t much for the mysterious. Everything was pretty much out there from the very beginning … there was nothing left for the imagination. The main star, Miss Polly Rae, was definitely a lot better. She also displayed a lot of flesh, but she was cheekier about it. Every time an article of clothing fell off, it was like she was totally surprised to find herself naked!  It’s a shtick, but it’s cute.

It was an interesting selection of musical numbers, as well, including a blues version of Michael Jackson’s “I’m Bad”.  The first half was a little weak (especially the Britney Spears number), but the rest of the show was great. I particularly enjoyed the bit about Marie Antoinette (…who has trouble pronouncing “cake” in English, so that it sounds a lot like, well, use your imagination. This is a family blog!).


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