A Walk in Richmond Park

We saw these amazing deer up close -- within 10 feet!

Yesterday Alex and I were both feeling antsy around the flat, so we decided to go out for a walk. Now, I have to start by saying that the BBC weather center predicted NO RAIN for yesterday, and we actually saw sunshine when we peeked outside. So we decided to go over to Richmond Park for a long walk — something we’ve been meaning to do for ages. It’s not that far from our house, actually. Overall the park is quite different from the central London parks because it’s quite “wild” … not everything is manicured within an inch of it’s life. I really enjoyed it, but Alex was unhappy about the mud all over his new shoes!

There are 300 deer that living Richmond Park, and we stumbled on this group of male deer. They kept grazing closer and closer to us, until they were within 10-12 feet. I kid you not!  It was pretty cool. They were totally ignoring all the people (and all the dogs), so I don’t really think I would call them “wild deer”…. maybe “socially acclimatized deer”…

Of course the sun decided to go away, and when we were right in the middle of the park (i.e. the farthest point from any shelter) it decided to rain. We got pretty soaked, and I admit to being unhappy on the journey home.  Next time we’ll plan better, and bring umbrellas regardless of what the BBC says!

It got cold and rainy; we were quite wet!

The view from Richmond Hill down over the Thames.

These little kids were having fun playing in the mud puddles.


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