This past weekend we were lucky enough to have my best friend from New York come visit us with her husband.  S&D always knew the best places to go for music and fun in New York City, so Alex and I were excited to show them London. We explored some familiar places and some new places, and had a really great time.

On Saturday after they arrived, we headed straight down to Borough Market near London Bridge. It’s about 2 minutes from my office, so I was on familiar ground. They loved the market, and we tried just about everything on offer. From the spicy prawn wraps to the chorizo sausages, gourmet cheese, and pickled chili chicken, it was a great experience. It started raining, so next we headed over to the British Museum for a brief peak at the Rosetta Stone. We also saw the bog guy and some of the Egyptian hall. Then we went out to the pub for a relaxing evening of pies and pints!

On Sunday we stopped by the British Library to see the new exhibit about the English Language. It was really fascinating!  Both Alex and I want to go back and spend more time listening to some of the audio files that have examples regional accents and idioms. We also explored Camden Market, which was quite lively, if a bit full of young hipsters for my taste. At one point Alex asked me if he could have one pound for every pair of fake eyeglasses we saw.  🙂

On Sunday night we did something totally different. S&D are really into Bluegrass music; so we went to a Fiddle Festival.  Now, I admit, this is something that Alex and I would never have gone to in a million years, but it was a lot of fun!  There was a showcase of different fiddle music from around the world, including Irish, Scottish, Gypsy, and Iranian fiddling.  It helped that there was a full bar at the event.

On Monday we toured the Globe Theatre and stopped by Buckingham Palace. We also visited St Johns, a fancy “nose to tail” restaurant that serves the “unusual” parts of the animal. The menu included Ox Heart!  I played it safe — well, as safe as possible — and ordered the Blood Pudding. It was delicious!  I know I’ve blogged about this dish before, but it’s really a lovely taste.

We were both sad to see our guests leave on Tuesday.  I hope they were a little sad too, although they were heading to Bruges for the rest of the week so I’m sure the sadness was only temporary.

The obligatory red-phone-booth shot!

Touring the Globe. They were in the process of rehearsing the sword fighting scene in Macbeth!

The British Library.

Fist-bumping at the British Museum.

Awwww..... at Buckingham Palace. The Queen would have been shocked!


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