Alex and Astrid walked up a hill…

We walked up a really big hill.

That sounds really dramatic, doesn’t it?  But it was!  I promise!  Actually, we walked up to Pacific Heights in San Francisco and looked at all the insanely expensive houses. Then we admired their insanely gorgeous views.

And then we walked down a really big hill.

Okay, okay…. I know this post is a bit weak. Alex is working on a really great post about BART and about the Cable Cars and the F line — all of which will keep you riveted, I’m sure. And I am working on a big post about Grace Cathedral.  Oh, and I also have to post about going to Paris for the day, and last Saturday’s failure of an excursion to Wakefield. Stay tuned!

This is me at the top of the hill.

This is one of those insanely expensive houses. With a Budget truck in front. I find that really funny. Who lives in these expensive houses, and then uses a Budget truck to move?

The picture doesn't really do this crazy driveway justice - but trust me when I say it was crazy curvy!

This is Lyon Street, which is a stair street next to the Presidio. We walked down it, and felt really bad for all the people walking up.


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