Pier 39 Wildlife

No, I’m not talking about that crazy kid with blue hair … I’m talking about the sea lions!  These famous creatures have made Pier 39 their home ever since 1989, and although their numbers fluctuate a lot during the year (as many as 1,500 have been counted on a single day), there is almost always at least a few gorgeous creatures lounging around on the docks.  When we stopped by, there were probably about 2 dozen animals enjoying the late afternoon sun.  One of these guys tried to get on a pontoon that was already pretty full, and he nearly flipped them all over! Luckily disaster was averted when a larger animal roundly chastised him (with quite a loud bray), and he (or she?) proceeded to a different launch all alone.

Alex and I quite enjoyed our brush with the sea lions, although the crowds of mothers and strollers and screaming little kids may have contributed to our brief stay on the pier.


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  1. Yes, wouldn’t it be nice if it was just you and the sea lions? They are an endless source of fun and laughter though. It’s a pity that when we go in March / April there won’t be as many as there are in other parts of the year.

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