The Ferry from Sausalito

While we were in San Francisco we had the opportunity to take the ferry from Sausalito (where our amazing hotel was) over to the Ferry Building (which Alex has already blogged about).

It was an early morning trip, but even in peak rush-hour on a weekday, there were maybe only 30 people on the boat. Which is sad,  because I think that would be an awesome commute.  The fee was a bit steep though, so I can understand taking the bus instead.

Anyway, rather than post a big long thing raving about how gorgeous it was, I’ll just post some pictures in a real photo-journalistic style and you can judge for yourself! So come on … let’s get on the ferry!


This is our hotel, as seen from the ferry boat in Sausalito.

Pulling out of Sausalito ... you can just see the tip of the Golden Gate bridge.

This is the sun deck of the boat -- not many people. And we were the only ones oohing and aahing over the views!

Say goodbye to Sausalito!

Look! It's a hot guy!



Passing Alcatraz. Is that a birdman I see?


The city is getting closer...


A pretty bridge. But is that smog, or fog? We debated a lot, but couldn't decide.



A little patriotism won't kill me.

We're almost there! Look, it's the TransAmerica Pyramid!

And there's the Coit Tower! I read on the internet that the design was inspired either by a Fireman's water cannon, or some "other fireman equipment" ... but the architect refutes both theories.




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