The Jewish Museum in Berlin

I used to really like Daniel Libeskind. I’ve always found his buildings to be unique and fun, and also emotional at the same time. But perhaps I’ve seen one too many of them, because I have to admit, I really disliked the new building at the Jewish Museum in Berlin.  He uses the same bag of tricks in every construction: shiny metal exterior?  Check.  Unusual shapes? Check.  Funny shaped windows?  Check. Some deep and meaningful story about the unusual shape? Check.  Call me cynical and jaded, but I wish he would do something new and exciting!

The exterior of the original wing of the Jewish Museum.

This is the new wing designed by Libeskind, right next door to the original.

Inside the new wing. Look at the funny windows, they don't seem to belong in an exhibit about Jewish culture.

This is the main staircase up to the new wing. It's very narrow, with very poor access. The shapes are cool -- maybe for a modern art museum, but not here.


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  1. all pics are looking awesome . wish one day i would be able to see it from my eyes .

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