Potsdamer Platz



This is the entrance to the Potsdamer Platz station. It's HUGE!!!

This is me standing on the mezzanine at the entrance to the Potsdamer Platz U-Bahn station. The scale is tremendous, as is the upside-down-person-arty-thingy.

This is the surface outside Potsdamer Platz station. You can see the giant light tubes extending upwards. When they're not covered with snow, the reflect light underground.

These are the light tubes that extend from the surface down into the U-bahn station. They are supposed to funnel light down below, but I didn't see them working.

The original tiles in the U-Bahn station.



This is the interior space at the Sony Center. The tourbook called it "The Times Square of Berlin" but I think that was a real stretch. The lights were pretty though, but nowhere near Times Square levels.


At the Sony Center it was so cold, they put a giant picture of a toasty fire on the huge television screen. Unfortunately it didn't give off any actual heat.



The roof of the Sony Center looks pretty cool, if it wasn't for the snow falling off and nearly killing us.

Alex thought that this giraffe was Geoffrey, from Toys R Us, but it turns out it was marking the entrance to LegoLand.

Alex made me pose next to the snowman at LegoLand. I find this ironic, since there was plenty of snow to make a REAL snowman.

Ah ha! Revenge! I made him take a picture with Santa.

There was a huge, fake hill built at Potsdamer Platz. You could pay an exorbitant amount to slide down on an inner tube, but the mean mad at the bottom who was yelling at everyone for doing it wrong kind of killed the fun.

Alex was mad at me for making him stand outside even longer as I struggled to take this picture without my fingers freezing off.



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