One Year Ago Today…

Exactly one year ago today I got on a plane at JFK and left the United States.  I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already … it’s gone so fast!  And at the same time we’ve done so much it feels like we’ve always lived here in London!

So what’s the status report after one year?  Well, in case you couldn’t tell, I LOVE IT!  London is just as wonderful as I hoped, and we’ve been able to travel more than we expected.  Our flat is lovely, my job is fantastic, and Alex is (as always) a dream.

I’ll never forget my first night here in London.  I was beyond exhausted and totally overwhelmed and more than a wee bit terrified, and all I could manage was to scurry to the store on the corner and get a loaf of bread and some ham & cheese.  I had sandwiches for a week! Looking back on it now, it seems so silly.

Would I do it all over again?  Absolutely!  Would I change a few things?  Maybe, but nothing substantial.  I would bring less stuff.  I would give myself more time to adapt.  I would not freak out about getting a job as much.  But overall I have to say that we’ve adapted quite well, and we’re both really really happy here.


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  1. Fantastic!!! So very happy for you all! You are an inspiration for following your dreams. Celebrate your success!

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