London is a SNOW-GO ZONE!

Ha ha….  that was the headline on one of the daily newspapers here this evening. Don’t you love that?  The tabloids here are famous for their really witty and punny one-liners …

But seriously, it’s snowing, and these people don’t know what to do.  They don’t know how to drive, they don’t know how to dress, and apparently they don’t know how to run trains in the snow, because my commute this evening was chaos.  There are no trains at all out of London Bridge, Victoria or Waterloo.  How insane is that?

Luckily I have a secret sneak backup commute plan, and it worked like a charm. I took the Northern Line from London Bridge to Tooting Broadway, and then I caught the bus for about 10 minutes up to Earlsfield. Not bad!

Of course, I’m supposed to fly to Dublin tomorrow to spend the weekend with Alex (he’s already there on business, and is missing out on all the fun here!) … but Gatwick has been closed now for 2 days, so I’m thinking the odds of me getting out tomorrow night are slim to none.  Hold thumbs for me!


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