the Facebook debate

We’ve both gotten a number of emails from friends and relatives asking us to join Facebook. And yes, while I totally see the attraction, most of me is pretty intimidated by social networking and the power of the private companies that run it. I thought maybe I was just a super paranoid freak (or it was a symptom of my rapidly advancing age), but then I read this article inWired UK, and it reflects almost all of my arguments against FB. 

So, sorry folks. I know it’s tempting, and I know I would enjoy cyber-stalking all those people from my past, but most of them are in my past for a reason. The people I love and care about are in my life NOW, and know about this blog, and I talk and email with them regularly … well sometimes semi-regularly…. but it’s still a more genuine interaction than reading updates on a wall.

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  1. Suzanne M-G

    I have to say that, to date, I’m with you on all this. If I decide at a future date to “expose myself,” to the world or to see what my high school boyfriend looks like now, I guess I will have decided that I have nothing better to do, and that would be a tragedy.

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