Daily Archives: 21/11/2010

You are not amusing.



Alex and I don’t have a television.  While this wasn’t exactly a conscious decision in the beginning (we didn’t feel like paying the TV licensing fee), I think we’ve really come to enjoy our TV-free lifestyle.  We spend more time talking, reading, and going out and about than we ever did before, and that’s been good for us.

Imagine my shock when I read this statistic today:  the average American spends 143 hours per month watching television.  Can you believe that?   I spend (a minimum) of 160 hours per month at WORK.  And most Americans spend almost the same amount of time in front of the tube? It’s totally mind-blowing.  4.8 hours every day.  Where do they find the time?  I simply don’t understand what they’re doing!

Now that the weather has turned colder, and it’s getting dark so early, we have been watching a few movies on the laptop.  And the BBC i-Player will let you watch any show that has aired in the previous week on the BBC, which is kind of nice.  (You just can’t watch anything live without paying for the license.)  So we’ll probably be watching more TV than we did over the summer, but I’m going to estimate that it’s no more than 3 hours each week.

Now, I’m trying hard not to judge those people who DO watch a lot of television, because I’m not in their shoes and everyone is different. But come on!  Go play some scrabble. Go for a walk.  DO SOMETHING!