Daily Archives: 20/11/2010

A funny morning

As a special treat this morning I made eggy bread  (also known as French Toast).  It was quite delicious, especially with lashings of syrup (thanks Andy & Courtney!) and fresh strawberries.

Just as we were finishing breakfast, Amaretto came around to say hello. She often rubs up against our ankles while we’re eating, and although we usually ignore her (because we’re eating, duh),  today we were finished and Alex decided to pick her up.

Sitting across the table, I saw it all unfold in slow motion.  He bends down, picks up the cat, and stands her up on his lap.  Just then, the biggest, fluffiest tail in the world comes down on the table,  right into the middle of the breakfast plate that was still puddled with syrup!

I tried saying “nooooooooo!” but it was too late. My cat has been syruped.  Of course, realizing what happened,  Alex bursts out laughing. I don’t think it’s very funny, because someone is going to have to get that sticky stuff off her tail, and it ain’t going to be me!

Alex tried holding her down and wiping at the tail-feathers, but I think he just succeeded it spreading the mess around.  So now there is a sticky, syrupy, hairy mess walking around the flat, be-gooing everything she touches!

Any suggestions?