Daily Archives: 16/11/2010

Will + Kate 4Ever

Wedding Dress For Happy Couple in Love
Image by epSos.de via Flickr

If you haven’t heard the news, it’s being shouted from the rooftops today.  Prince William and Kate Middleton are formally engaged!   The wedding will be next spring or summer. Everyone is guessing that it will be held at Westminster Abbey as opposed to St. Paul’s.  How exciting!  I love a good wedding!


California, here we come!

AH!  I can’t handle all this excitement on one day.  But we’re going to California!  Obviously we have one really big reason to go visit (even though she’s really small right now), but we’ve been able to combine a leisure trip with some other business, which makes it even better.  It’s going to be the third week in January, and I’m hoping it will be a nice break from the dreary British weather!  

Uncle Steve is here!

Yay!  Alex’s uncle Steve is in the UK on business, and while he’s staying up near Oxford, he’s being super adventurous and driving into London to meet us for dinner tonight. I’m super excited, as I haven’t seen any family since last Thanksgiving!