Daily Archives: 07/11/2010

Time to flip the tables!

There have been many expressions here in the UK that have left Alex and I scratching our heads … it’s good to know that the US can puzzle the Brits as well!  Apparently, when Obama said the democrats were “shellacked”, no one here knew what he meant!




We’ve gotten pretty used to our spartan, non-materialistic lifestyle in the past few years. Getting ready for the move, which involved getting rid of vasts amounts of “stuff” really taught us how little you can live on, and still live quite comfortably.  One of the things we jettisoned in our “great pack” was the stereo. We brought some small speakers, and they’ve been perfectly adequate for what we’ve needed.

But then last weekend Alex’s boss found a stereo in the back of the office that no one wanted and no one needed, so we inherited it. At first I was skeptical about whether we’d really use it, but I have to admit that I”ve been blasting music all day, from Great Big Sea to Rachmaninoff to Matchbox 20 (did I just totally date myself?)

So okay, fine, we don’t like to have “stuff”, but sometimes it’s nice to pretend to be a teenager again and rock out to the tunes.  It helps me clean, or at least that’s my excuse!  (Hey! It worked for Tom Cruise in Risky Business!)