The neighborhood elephant

African Elephant

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Most people don’t believe me when I tell this story, but there was an elephant who lived down the road from me when I was growing up. Her name was Flora, and we were always told that she belonged to Flora’s Circus. The owners would bring her to Colorado when they weren’t touring, and I remember walking down to try and see the elephant, but only getting brief glimpses between the long grass. She had a wooden shed that looked like it was about to fall down, and I remember a really heavy iron chain.

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this NYTimes article today, and at the end they mentioned an elephant named Flora who is the star of a new documentary, One Lucky Elephant.  Now, I can’t be sure, but I THINK it’s the same elephant from my childhood!  All the pieces match, and I can’t imagine that there are THAT many African elephants named Flora in eponymous circuses out there … I hope Flora has a calm and peaceful retirement out in Tennessee.


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  1. Do you know when/where the documentary will air? Look for distinguishing marks! I want to see the story. That is pretty cool. Valerie

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