I met a real live princess!

Princess Anne visited King George School, Sask...

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So at some point when growing up I realized that I’ll  never BE a REAL princess (although I heard that Harry is single again….) so I figure that the next best thing is getting to MEET a real princess.  Which I did yesterday.

Thanks to those of you who provided valuable fashion advice. Typically, I ignored it. 🙂  (Sorry!)  But the weather was cold and nasty, and the little black dress would have left me shivering.  So long grey skirt came to the rescue, and I think I looked quite cute. And appropriate, of course.

Princess Anne was pretty much exactly as you’d expect. She was quite formal and reserved, and extremely polished.  She was wearing gloves in the beginning and wasn’t shaking hands, but towards the end she warmed up, and off came one glove (only one), and I was the lucky recipient of a very royal, very weak handshake.

To be honest, I think the most remarkable thing about the Princess was her hair. I’m dying to know how she got every single hair in the exact same place, because if you look at pictures of her on the internet, her hair hasn’t change in YEARS.

The exhibit opening went well, and lots of old people were quite pleased with themselves. Really,  I shouldn’t make fun, because I know they worked very hard to make sure that everything went well. I was pretty happy with my contribution, even if it was behind-the-scenes.

The funniest part of the morning was that about 2 minutes after the Princess Royal left, the pest removal company showed up. Apparently the director had forgotten that he’d scheduled a roach removal for that day!  We had to turn them away, as there were still a lot of guests in the building. But imagine if the Orkin Man and Princess Anne had run into each other at the door!  Priceless!



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  1. So Wild!! Did you do the curtsey? Fantastic experience! Do the royals have bodyguards surrounding them? It sounds like you got quite close to her. Thanks for sharing. Valerie

  2. AStrid,
    You know, Anne and I are the same age. I believe I am better preserved.

  3. I have not seen a pic of Princess Anne in about 20 or more years – – – and all I can say is WOW !!

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