Fashion help needed!

Tomorrow morning I’m meeting HRH The Princess Royal Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth.  Isn’t that cool?  Except I’m totally freaking out over what to wear!  I know, how typical!

I might have mentioned that a few months ago I started volunteering at a small, local museum. (I’m not going to name it here because the director googles the museum’s name a lot, and I don’t want him to find our blog!)  It’s been interesting, since most of the volunteers are really, really, REALLY passionate about the subject, whereas I’m just there for the attitude and the atmosphere.

Anyway, the museum is opening a new exhibit tomorrow, and I’ve been asked to represent the volunteer staff and personally meet the Princess Royal.  I’ve been practising my curtsey, and the correct pronounciation of “ma’am” (it rhymes with farm, not ham), but I haven’t yet figured out what to wear.

The instructions from the royal palace say that dress should be “smart” … whatever that means. My options are:

1. Little black dress from Calvin Klein. It fits beautifully, and has a somewhat full a-line skirt. The portrait neckline is a bit formal though, and I worry about being overdressed.

2. A long grey hatched-pattern skirt, that swirls nicely around my ankles, paired with a simple black cotton button-down short, with a rounded collar. It looks very nice, if a bit schoolmarm-ish, but I worry that it’s not “smart” enough.

And so, I am turning to you, internet …. the all-knowing, all-powerful internet, to help me solve my dilemma. Which outfit should I wear tomorrow morning?  Submit a comment with your vote!  (If no one votes Alex says I should go naked, so please, please say something.)


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  1. Little black dress! Better to be overly dressed up!! Good luck and enjoy your time with royalty!!!

  2. I say go with the black dress and maybe add a belt, scarf, and/or fun jewelry to dress it down 🙂

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