A Nice Hotel

The InterContinental Hotel Shanghai Puxi in the Zhabei District

This InterContinental hotel was my home for 6 nights in Shanghai, and we also held most of the meetings at the hotel’s adjacent conference centre.  While the hotel layout was a bit odd, and there is a lot of construction going on around it (including the construction of the large glass office tower to the left in the picture above), the room was probably the nicest hotel room I’ve ever stayed in (even beating the Bellagio!).  Why?  Well, it starts with that all-important feature – the bathroom. 

Really more a bath suite!

The bath area featured a sliding panel to close it off from the rest of the room, and inside there were four areas; the toilet room (first on the left), the shower room (second on the left), the sink area (ahead), and the bath (out of the picture to the right).

The toilet of the future, with heating and automation galore...

While the marble floor got quite cold with the A/C (itself a luxury for me these days!), the seat never did, thanks to the Japanese-style ultra-modern toilet.  Another somewhat freaky feature was that the seat would auto-open when you lifted it part-way (which did make you wonder what else it might do while seated). 

Despite initial impressions, this is not the coolest late-80s casette player - it is the control panel for the toilet.

I’ll admit, I really only used the largest button here – FLUSH – and found the rest somewhat intimidating!

Rain showers are the very best!

A wonderful shower room with the “rainforest” shower option was very relaxing; and the bath with automated blinds overlooking the city looked pretty good too!

Not a jacuzzi, but not too bad.

Rounding out this ridiculously long coverage of the bathroom, take a look at the sink and mirror.

See the TV located inside the mirror? The remote is in the drawer under the sink.

So, what else to say about the hotel?  The bed and desk were nice, but not picture-worthy.  It makes a big difference when you move in for almost a week and spend long days and late nights working to have a comfortable work environment.  The other important thing is the view – I was on the corner, so I had large picture windows overlooking this part of Shanghai.

The daytime view, with the large Shanghai Railway Station not far in the distance but obscured by the smog.

The view from my room certainly gave me the impression of Las Vegas – not only the large buildings and wide streets with traffic, but the pedestrian bridges just remind me of The Strip. 

Here you can see the traffic flows, with triple-turn lanes, and tons of bicycles, mopeds, and other assorted vehicles along the sides.

The Las Vegas qualities really come out at night, though, through the apparent Shanghai love affair with neon!

The lights make the nighttime glow - but luckily the thick blinds still made the room dark.

Of course, blinds can’t help deal with the noise – the constant blaring of horns and sounds of traffic moving.  While the metro may stop running around 11pm, the traffic (including buses and bikes) doesn’t seem to ever stop. 

The lighted trees are a nice touch, but overall not a very pedestrian-friendly place.


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  1. WOW !! And look at all those cars – – NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING like 1981

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