Meeting Adjourned!

You might be wondering how it is going here in Shanghai – and now that the meeting is over I can hopefully find time for a few blog posts.  In case you don’t know, I am here for our biggest annual meeting, which is of our benchmarking group which includes most of the largest metros (subway systems) in the world.  I have several posts planned, but let me start here with a brief chronicle of the week. 

My shot from our Tuesday night dinner venue of the nighttime lights of the famous Pudong skyline, the fast (and tall) growing financial district of Shanghai, across the Huangpu River from the traditional city center.

Saturday and Sunday were travel days, as I arrived at my hotel 30 actual hours after leaving home, including about 17 hours aboard planes and 8 hours in the premium terminal in Doha.  Monday we set up the meeting room, and I worked on presentations, before the official festivities began Monday night with the first of what would be four generally excruciating “traditional Chinese style” (read: formal) meals.  I wrapped up Monday night by working until 3am on my Tuesday morning presentation.

Tuesday we had meetings in the morning, including the first of my three hour-long presentations; I worked in the afternoon while most of the group went on technical visits to the metro operations control center and a couple of key stations, and then joined the group in the evening for incredibly awkward meal #2, before working again until 2:30am on Wednesday’s presentations.  Wednesday was a full day of meetings, and my second and third presentations were very successful and well-received.  Wednesday night was supposed to be a free night; I had dinner with the New York representative (who I know) and then pretty much collapsed. 

Thursday was a 3/4 day of meetings, followed by a station tour and a special public ceremony to inaugurate a poem exchange between several metros, followed by the most formal of the meals at a very famous restaurant.  Finally, Friday was a full-day visit to the World Expo.  So, I am incredibly exhausted, but things went very well, and now I have Saturday and Sunday to see some of the city (including the metro, which I’ve ironically hardly used) before my flight at 12:50am Monday morning.  More posts to come!


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  1. Unbelievable!! This is so exciting. Get some rest and then take some more pictures. Great job Alex!!
    Love ywm

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