While the cat’s away …  Astrid will eat some cheese!  I’m taking advantage of my darling husband’s absence to enjoy a few bubble baths, some scented candles, and some amazing stinky cheese.

Those of you who know Alex know that he can be a bit of a picky eater (although he’s really gotten a lot better, promise!).  He eats only one kind of cheese: Sharp Cheddar. Occasionally when he’s had a few beers I can get him to try a Mild Cheddar, but that’s about as crazy as it gets.

So tonight, when I was shopping at M&S for something easy for dinner, I saw a cheese sampler section. They sell these itty bitty individual sized pieces of all different cheeses. Perfect!  I got a nice ciabatta role, and selected the following: brie, double gloucester, mild cheddar port salut, saint augur, and roulade. (I had some nice pictures of them, but the computer is being funky and won’t load them.)

Well, I toasted my ciabatta bun and the brie, and it was heavenly! Brie is such a yummy, sticky, stinky cheese … full of goodness. And this was even a half-fat variety!  Then I tried the roulade, which a really nice garlicky cheese, similar to the Boursin brand you can find in the US. I really liked the roulade!  Then I sampled the Port Salut, which is such a simple and clean-tasting cheese that I think it really needs a complement (like some wine!)  Unfortunately after that I was totally stuffed, so I think I’ll save the other cheese for tomorrow night.

What’s perfect about these little sampler sizes is that you dont get sick of the cheese. It’s just a taste!  I think that good cheese is the one reason I would go visit France!  And thank god I’m not lactose intolerant!


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  1. Cheese and bread dinners are the very best kind 🙂

  2. Suzanne M-G

    Do the stores have Port Wine cheese? Love it! Yes, brie is SO delicious.

  3. If you happen upon Huntsmens’ cheese, think of me. It is a combination in layers of Double Gloucester and another cheese – like sharp cheddar, but harder.

    I think I’ll visit the cheese bar tomorrow – – you’re a bad, bad, bad influence on me .. .. ..

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