Preparation: Shanghai

In less than 36 hours I am taking off for China – so right now I am dashing around like crazy getting things together and doing last-minute work.  I take off at 8am from Heathrow on Saturday morning and land at about 3pm Sunday afternoon in China.  If you can do the math(add s here), that’s about 24 actual hours later, thanks to an 8-hour layover in Doha, Qatar.


I'll be trying the five-star, world-class service on Qatar Airways!


My time in Shanghai will be almost exactly a week, with the first five days totally full with work events and meetings, and hopefully a little time for exploring the following weekend.


Ultra-modern Shanghai is the most populous city proper in the world with an estimated 19.2 million people


Of course, a major focus on the trip will be the Shanghai Metro, which may be able to lay claim to the title of world’s largest metro, as it now extends over about 420 km/261 miles (compared to about 230 miles for NYC).  This is particularly noteworthy since it DIDN’T EXIST prior to 1995.  The system has opened an incredible number of lines and extensions in the last year in preparation for the ongoing World Expo, which I will be visiting next week.  More on that later!


After London and New York, it will be quite interesting to see a brand-new metro!




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  1. Alex. Thinking of you. In NYC–even took the subway a few times! :-). Have a safe trip!

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