Starting a new job

I started my new job on Friday, and now that I’ve had two full days in the office, I think I can say with confidence that it’s going to be good.  The people are friendly, the location in fabulous, and the work is quite interesting. I already have my first book to work on!  Of course, it’s always stressful in the beginning, what with learning new names and procedures, but since I’m familiar with this subject matter I hope to be able to make great progress.

Alex is busy getting ready to traipse off to China on Saturday. His visa is all lined up, and we took his suits to the dry cleaner this morning. I’m not looking forward to 10 days on my own, but I’ll try to keep out of trouble!

We had dinner last night with some lovely family friends out in Maidenhead, which is a suburb to the west of London. It’s nice to “get out of town” for a night and enjoy a home-cooked meal. Because while Alex and I eat at home almost every night,  I am hardly a good cook … I’m more of a “warmer-upper”, really.

I think that’s all my update for now, but I know I owe you several posts about our goings-ons. I hope to find time this weekend!


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