At the top of St. Paul’s

Our friends Andy & Courtney are in town, and we’ve been having a great time this weekend showing them the sights. Yesterday afternoon we stopped at St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the three of them decided to climb to the top. I (very strategically) offered to stay at the bottom, and snap a picture of them from the top of the dome. So when the phone buzzed (about 45 minutes later!)  I ran outside and looked up.  Can you see them up there? Way at the very top?

Not quite, right?  So I zoomed in.  Now you can see that there is maybe someone up there, but you can’t really make it that they are real people. Let’s zoom in again.

There they are!!  Alex is waving, and Andy and Courtney are next to him!  I’m a little surprised that the photo came out so well, considering that I was zoomed to the max!  But it’s pretty cool to think about how far up they were.


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