How I made an ass of myself

Part One

So you all know about my hearing problems, and that I wear hearing aids. And normally they function perfectly well, allowing me to function like everyone else. Except occasionally, when they don’t. I struggle in situations where there is a loud background noise, and the person is speaking quietly. Like yesterday, when I was talking to a co-worker in the elevator. She started talking to me, but I couldn’t hear what she was saying, so I asked her to speak up. TWICE. When I still couldn’t hear her, I thought whatever she was saying couldn’t be that important, and sauntered out of the elevator and said “Well, that’s the way things go!”  I figured that expression would cover me in just about every situation, right?

Wrong! Because I found out this morning that this co-worker’s mother has cancer, so she’s quitting her job to go take care of her. When I heard the news I figured that’s what she was saying to me yesterday in the elevator, and me response was  “Well, that’s the way it goes!”  OH MY GOD. I am a total ass.

So today I sent her a really nice (and somewhat groveling) email apologizing for my tactlessness and explaining the hearing thing. Luckily for me, she has a good sense of humour and everything is okay. But still: lesson learned!

Part Two

Because the humiliation factor hasn’t been quite high enough this week, I managed to put my foot in my mouth. Again.

Tomorrow is my last day at work. (Oh, didn’t I mention? I got a new job. Yay!)  My boss asked me last week if I wanted the group to go out to lunch or anything to say goodbye, but I turned him down because I haven’t been here that long and I didn’t want it to be awkward. But my boss is the kind of person who would probably disregard that and plan something anyway.

When I came into the office this morning, there was a big pile of cookies and a few cakes on the cabinet. And, unfortunately,  I  assumed that they were for me, for a going-away party. But when I asked my boss, he said they were for the bake sale for the Pakistani flood victims. Now, I will be the first to admit that I am cynical, but I think I took it too far because I clearly didn’t believe him. So I started teasing him, saying “yeah, right, Pakistani flood victims….suuuure. Good thing I love cupcakes!”

BUT. You know what’s next, don’t you? It turns out that there really WAS a bake sale for the Pakistani flood victims. So I looked like an ass thinking that they were for me. Which meant that I had to buy twice as many cupcakes just to make up for it. (Darn!)


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  1. Hahaha, sounds like the kind of week I’ve been having! To quote a very wise woman, “Well, that’s the way things go!”

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