Road rage!

We haven’t seen many examples of road rage here in the UK, probably because we don’t drive! But even from a pedestrian’s viewpoint, there is significantly less honking, yelling, and inappropriate-gesturing than on the streets of New York City.

This morning I witnessed an encounter that was pretty shocking. I was walking from our flat to the Earlsfield train station at 7:15 this morning. There were two vehicles in the lane of on-coming traffic; the first was a bright blue delivery van driven by a young black man, the second was a silver Volvo station wagon driven by a middle-aged white woman. Now, these two were clearly involved in some sort of dispute, because they were honking at one another. The van driver  stopped very suddenly, and the Volvo driver nearly rear-ended him. But it’s what happened next that really shocked me. The van driver got out of his vehicle, ran back to the Volvo, and yelled at the lady through the window. Then he opened her door and slapped her. That’s right, he opened her door, and slapped her. He slammed the door shut, and then ran back to his own vehicle and drove off. The lady just sat there for a minute. I called out to her to ask if she was okay, and I gestured that I would call the police. She seemed to take a deep breath, and then indicated that she was okay. Then she drove away; as I continued my walk to the station, I heard more honking (I think she caught up to him at the light).

I was pretty shaken after seeing this. I saw someone get assaulted! As soon as I got to the office I called the local police station and gave them my statement, but the officer said that unless the victim called to lodge a complaint, they couldn’t do anything. So please, lady in the silver Volvo, call the cops! Because I saw that you were slapped, and I saw the man who did it!

NOTE: I have stated the race, gender,  and age of the people involved not with any sort of agenda, but merely because I am noting the details of the encounter.


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