A bit of a lost weekend

On Friday night we were supposed to go a jazz concert at the V&A (the music of Louis Armstrong). Unfortunately, the place was totally packed! They had arranged the concert in the cafe, which has a really lovely seating area, but only holds about 50 people. And there were probably more than 200 who showed up. We tried standing against the wall for a few minutes, but I just can’t enjoy jazz when it’s presented like that. So we ditched the concert and headed home.

Then on Saturday was Open House London. We really enjoyed the event we went to at Open House New York in the past, so this year we decided to attend a tour of St. Pancras International Rail Station. We’ve obviously been there many time, but figured the tour might show us things we hadn’t seen. Unfortunately the tour guide was terrible!  (There is nothing worse than a terrible tour guide!).  Ivy didn’t speak loudly enough, or in complete sentences, or with any sort of knowledge about the subject. She didn’t even know how to pronounce some of the names. An over-simplified history of St. Pancras, along with a wander around the common areas, the tour was a total waste of time.

So then, trying to save something of the day, we decided to go ride bikes in Hyde Park and have a picnic. We picked up supplied and took the Tube over to Lancaster Gate. But when we got there, we remembered that the Pope was speaking in the park that afternoon, and the hordes of people and coppers convinced us to alter our plans. So we just came home!

And today Alex is working at the office, and I’m doing some general clean-up around the flat.  But you know what?  I think we still had a nice weekend. It’s nice to hang out together and do stuff, even if the stuff doesn’t always work out.  I guess that’s what makes us good at being married. 🙂

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  1. Not much going on at the Bush household either. I think next weekend will be more eventful for all of us. 🙂

  2. Good at being married for just about 3 years!!!! Congratulations!!!

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