Close enough for jazz…

Louis Armstrong, jazz trumpeter

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Because it’s a Friday night and Alex and I like to live on the wild side, we’ll be going to a jazz concert at the Victoria & Albert museum tonight.

Cleveland Watkiss and his quintet will be playing the songs of Louis Armstrong, including some of the duets he did with Ella Fitzgerald (those are my favorites!).

There’s even going to be a little pre-concert talk about Satchmo and his Hot Five, which I’m really looking forward to.

Illuminated trawler tram at Blackpool

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In other news, we’ve decided not to go to Blackpool to see the Illuminations this year. The train tickets are too pricey (i.e. we should have bought them back in July). So we’ve already planned to go next fall, and hopefully the timing will work out better.

Our friends A&C arrive next week! Yay! Alex and I are both going to be able to take some time to hang out and socialize, and hopefully visit some cool attractions. We can’t wait!

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We HAVE finally made a decision about Christmas though … and (drumroll please) … the result is BERLIN!  We’re probably going for the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

I think it’s a good compromise because it’s a big enough city with enough to see in-doors if it gets cold out, and it also has a big transit system.

I’ve been to Berlin (for about 36 hours) fifteen years ago, so I’m really interested to see how the city has changed and grown.

The weather here has definitely gotten colder this week, and I’ve busted out my autumn coats. I even turned the heat on last night (for about 20 minutes, before Alex yelled at me and I had to turn it off).  I’ll definitely be missing the sunshine in the afternoons, but overall I have to say that the English weather is just about perfect. Cool, wet … not too humid. Lovely!


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