A hump day funk

Do you ever get to the middle of the week, and you just don’t think you can make it any further?  Well, I’ve been having one of those mornings. I got shampoo in my eye, I missed my train, I forgot about a deadline at the office, I left my really great shoulder bag on the train…

… But then it hits me. We’re living in London. It’s been my dream for so long, and it all happened so fast, that sometimes I forget about everything we’ve accomplished in the past year. Packing everything up, the intense planning, the re-planning, the re-re-planning, the post-planning, the moving, the settling in, the job search, the travel … it’s been a crazy and amazing ride!

So when I get upset about missing the train, I just need to remind myself that it’s a very very minor setback to my day, which is only one day in a whole year that has been very successful.

oh, here is a story about squirrels that you might enjoy.  🙂

Happy Wednesday!


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