A most egg-celent post

I heard about the big salmonella scare and the egg situation in the US, and it reminded me that I’ve been meaning to post about British eggs for ages.

Did you know that here in the UK they don’t refrigerate their eggs? It’s really weird when you’re walking through the store, and the eggs are in the non-cooler section.  But it turns out that you don’t really need to refrigerate eggs. They’ll still stay good for up to a week without being cold. And since most fridges here are tiny, you don’t want to buy more eggs than you can use in a week anyway.  I still put mine in the fridge, but that’s just the force of habit. I did read somewhere on the internets that room-temperature eggs are better to cook with, but I think that’s at a cooking skill level far beyond my humble attempts.

My other strange egg story for the day is about Scotch eggs. This is a British treat that doesn’t seem to have a corollary in the US (which might be a good thing).  Basically you take a hard boiled egg, and then wrap it in bacon (remember, this is back bacon, which is more like ham). Then you coat it in breadcrumbs, and deep fry it!  You usually eat it cold, with salad and pickles. They are very common as a lunchtime treat, and can often be found in convenience stores in pre-wrapped packaging. I have yet to be adventurous enough to try a Scotch egg…  what do you think?  Yum or yuck?


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