The Canals of Birmingham

Did you know that Birmingham has a lot of canals? I had no idea! In fact, I knew very little about Birmingham before we visited a few weeks ago. Admittedly we just had one day there,  but I was pleasantly surprised by the town that, in my mind, had an image similar to Pittsburgh in the 70s. (Pittsburgh today, by the way, is also lovely.)

We enjoyed our walk past the MailBox, a new development that has great restaurants, bars, and apartments along the canal. It’s almost completely hidden unless you know where to go, which is perhaps part of the appeal.  Then we walked along the Worcester & Birmingham Canal, past the National Sea Life Center. The Gas Street Basin was also lovely. At one point we came upon a canal junction, including a tiny island in the middle with signposted directions, just for the canal boats!

As we were walking toward the Jewelry Quarter, we came upon many, many, many locks. There were at least 25 of them in a very short distance of the canal. We saw several boats navigating through all the locks, and even saw an exuberant puppy take an impromptu swim. Unfortunately he couldn’t get out again, and his owner had to drag him out and got totally soaked!

Whilst in Birmingham we stayed at the pod-hotel called “NiteNite”, which Alex will blog about soon (promise!) Overall I was pleasantly surprised with Birmingham, although the bar was set quite low.

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