The Kirkgate Market in Leeds

“It’s the largest covered market in Europe!”

And if that alone doesn’t get you excited to see the Kirkgate Market in Leeds, then the lovely glass ceiling, freshly-caught fish, and cheap merchandise definitely will. Although a bit grubby in places, the market is very much a vibrant and local shopping destination. We didn’t see any touristy or gimmicky stuff for sale, but instead saw the everyday shopping needs of the average Leedster.

The Kirkgate Market has more than 800 stalls, which is a lot of stuff! It’s somewhat similar to Reading Market in Philadelphia, except this is how a market should be, and Reading has become a bit of a cliche. I really like the iron arches that are so common to Victorian architecture. You see them all over the place, in markets and train stations, and almost all are painted bright colors.

At this fruit stall, I learned a new word. You know those plastic containers that strawberries and grapes come in? Do you know what they are called?  I had no idea, and would probably have called them a basket, if anything. But it’s really called a punnet. Isn’t that a lovely word?  And now you know it, too.


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