The Dude abides...in Edinburgh!

Last weekend, as we were making our way across Edinburgh toward the Grassmarket on a bus, I grabbed this picture from the window.  I could hardly believe my eyes – a Big Lebowski-themed pub in Scotland! 

Although it is a long way from Los Angeleez, I think the Dude would dig the pub culture, takin’ ‘er easy (even if Amsterdam would be more to his liking for other reasons). 

Subtle...but rewarding for Achievers.

So, in need of a place to sit and a drink late in the afternoon, we walked back over to check it out.  Inside, the theme was not overdone.  The only real Lebowski clues were the picture from the below picture from the movie and the drink menu.  Specifically, the White Russians selection was fantastic, with some great names; I had “The Saddam” (Finlandia vodka, Kahlua, cola, and a crown of Guinness), but try “The Da Fino” for desert or “The Woo” for a yellow-orange version! 

Mark it Zero!

Although I wouldn’t normally, I decided this pure chance encounter meant that I had to say something to the bartender – who seemed a bit non-enthused about the theme.  He said “you know, there’s a church too” with a shake of his head – referring to dudeism, or The Church of the Latter-Day Dude, which has ordained over 70,000 “priests” via the Internet.  Good thing that I wasn’t wearing my 2008 Lebowski Fest New York t-shirt, which I had with me and wore the next day!


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  1. You are a wild thing!!! I am getting hungry and ready for some great Vodka!! Enjoyed your story!
    Love, ywm, aka Valerie

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