Edinburgh Castle, sort of

This is a bit of a cheating post, because we didn’t actually go IN the castle. It was too crowded with tourists from the Festival. But we did enjoy the views of the outside! The castle is up on a really big hill and towers over Edinburgh; it’s pretty dramatic. I had seen pictures before, but nothing really prepared me for how overpowering the castle complex is. It’s hard to relate, because without seeing the town and the relationship between the town and the castle, you just don’t get it. And I haven’t yet seen a picture that can show all of that!

The castle is actually built on the remains of a volcano plug. Yes, there used to be a volcano in Edinburgh (long before it was Edinburgh, of course), but the surrounding rock of the volcano eroded, leaving the hard center of the ancient volcano.

There is a lot of history about the castle, and if you’re really interested you can go and read about it here, but mostly I just wanted to share a few of the pictures we took. Edinburgh and its castle are number one on our list to go back to, but we’ll definitely go when there aren’t a million crazy theatre people running around!


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  1. Suzanne M-G

    Hi Astrid!
    We’re back from Turkey. It was a good trip and very educational.
    On another note, do find a time to see the inside of Edinburgh Castle. Also go to Hollyrood down the hill when the Queen isn’t in residence. In one room, I found a charming little portrait painted of Mary Boleyn (not that ugly-butt picture that Holbein – I think- painted). I was so surprised. It is on a wall with about ten other small portraits in one of the main sitting rooms that you see on a tour. She was darling. Long blond hair worn loose with a little Juliet cap (like in the Zefferelli movie of 1968). Anne was a real Great Dane next to this girl.

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