Apples to Oranges

When we first started thinking about moving across the pond, we tried to do some comparisons in terms of living costs. New York City is expensive though, so we figured that if we could make it there, we could make it anywhere (wow, that’s catchy … it should be in a song!)

I just stumbled on, which would have been a helpful website about 6 months ago! Oh well, it’s still interesting to look and see how different cities compare. And maybe it will be useful when we plan our next move! I’m thinking Hong Kong … what do you think?

Here is the data comparing New York City to London:

Food: London is 2% more expensive that NYC.  (I think we’ve generally found this to be true, although it’s hard to judge anecdotally because shopping habits are so very different, and lack of a freezer means we shop or cook every single day.)

Housing: London is 28% cheaper than NYC. (We’re paying almost exactly the same rent as we were in Brooklyn, but we’re getting a place that is so much better! We’re much closer in to the city, we’re right on a transit line, and the quality of the apartment is much higher.)

Clothes: London is 5% more expensive than NYC.  (I have  to admit, I have no idea if this is true, because I haven’t gone shopping yet! We did buy Alex a coat in February, but otherwise we haven’t much explored the clothing market.)

Transportation: London is 93% more expensive than NYC.  (Ha ha. I should probably let Alex explain this, but I bet it’s because NYC has a flat fare for the subway, while London charges you based on distance traveled.)

Health: London is 44% cheaper than NYC. (The best part! Free healthcare! Really, the NHS is amazing, and we’re both totally thrilled with the quality. We keep joking that now is the time to break a leg!)

Entertainment: London is 4% cheaper than NYC. (I guess they mean show tickets and stuff, but since we don’t really go in for that it’s hard to say. The museum here are almost all free, which is INCREDIBLE and really lets you see them without feeling guilty. When I pay $20 to see the Met, I expect to be there for 12 hours at least, and want to see EVERYTHING. Here I don’t mind just popping in to the V&A for 30 minutes to see one specific thing.)

Overall, London is 4% more expensive.


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