Some random canal pictures

We did a lot of walking in Amsterdam, up and down the canals.

The canals are well-integrated into everyday life in Amsterdam. Many people travel, work, and live on the water.

Since the canals are flushed out several times per week, we didn't notice any nasty smells or too much litter.

We did notice how many flowers and gardens there were! It seems like almost every house had at least a small flowerbox.


Houses used to be taxed by their width, and so were built very narrowly. This means very small staircases. So almost all the buildings have hooks on the top, where goods and furniture can be hoisted up and brought in through the window.

The average canal is 10 feet deep.

It's hard to see from this photo, but many of these buildings are tilted quite badly! They are supported from underneath, but many need to be shored up!


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