Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis

This is going to be a quick post, because it was a quick visit to the Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis.  I was surprised, although I guess I shouldn’t have been, that this church is a a cathedral in honorific terms only. In fact, it is the High Kirk of the Church of Scotland. Saint Mungo is the patron saint of Glasgow, and his bones are buried in the crypt in the basement. We didn’t go inside because the church was closed, although someone was practising the organ. (Yet another reason to keep the visit quick!)

Gothic. With a Victorian lamp.

There is still an active congregation at the church, although it is also a popular tourist site.

An enlarged carved detail above one of the windows. Is that a flying dog? It could be a griffin, but that's a symbol of Wales, not Scotland. Is could be a dragon, but that's for England... hmmm...

Graves in the churchyard.

The Necropolis extends back from the churchyard and over the hillside behind the Cathedral. There are 3500 tombs holding 50,000 remains. We didn’t explore it too much because it was getting late and cold, but it definitely looks like a cool place for a macabre ramble. There’s even a preservation society called “Friends of the Glasgow Necropolis“.  How cool is that?


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  1. Liked the photos of York Minster

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