Loch Lomond

Guess what?  We were in a car!  I know that sounds ridiculous, but after 6 months of a non-driving, non-riding, car-free existence, it was kind of a big deal to hop in the back of an auto and go for a spin. We didn’t exactly get car-sick, but it was definitely a feeling of sensory overload; I’m used to trains that go in one direction, not in a car that can twist and turn on a dime!

Ann & Gary had a rental car in Scotland, and were nice enough to tootle around with us on Sunday. One of the places to stopped by was Loch Lomond, a 27 sq mi (is that how you measure lochs? I don’t know) lake just northwest of Glasgow.

Loch Lomond is actually the largest lake in the UK, and has the largest island in the UK in it. So really, it’s an island in a lake on an island … which get’s complicated! The loch has a total of about 30 islands, and some of those even have homes built on them! I guess you have to have your own boat for the commute.

For some reason I knew the name Loch Lomond, but I couldn’t remember from where. Luckily Wikipedia helped me out.  ” ‘Loch Lomond’ appears in the movie Spaceballs. After President Scroob is teleported incorrectly to another room, Snotty apologizes and promises to send him back. As he prepares to lock all beams into place, he says, ‘Lock 1, Lock 2, Lock 3…Loch Lomond!’ ”

Hey! There you go!  I think Spaceballs was one of maybe 3 movies we had growing up, and I must have watched it dozens of times (it was the taped-from-tv version though, so I spent hours trying to figure out what exactly was being bleeped out!).

Although we didn’t explore too much of the loch, we did get some beautiful views over the water. We also stopped at a little marina and had a snack, while overlooking the lake. It was lovely!  This has definitely made me want to explore Scotland more, but unfortunately you can’t really do that without a car. Ann did a fantastic job driving, but I’m not sure I have her confidence!

The weather was really variable that day; cold and rainy in the morning, but then clear and bright in the afternoon! Loch Lomond is right on the border between the Lowlands and the Highlands. You can see the more impressive mountains in the distance.

This little guy was visiting the loch with his family. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of his little plumber’s butt!


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