A Friday (Faith-filled) Funny

I found this really wonderful cartoon on this blog, which is an interesting read. Usually when religious people claim that they’re fine with atheists, they use a tone of “but I’ll pray for them anyway” … which really annoys me. But this guy seems to get it. We have different beliefs. Get over it.  He writes: “I’ve stopped trying to score points against atheists, largely because I realized that even if they don’t have religion, they still have faith — often boatloads of it. Faith in humanity, faith in one another, in natural processes, or something else entirely.”    Thank you!  He still has to paint me with a color he can recognize — that of faith — rather than simply accepting me as I am, but you know what? I think I can accept that. So, to the dude who clearly never had facial hair, baggy pants, or lint-filled pockets: what would your cartoon look like?


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